Monday, April 9, 2012

The path to self improvement is the path of the lonely.  Think about any time youve tried to tell someone what to do.  It hasnt worked has it?   We must embody the changes we wish to see.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Alright.   Diet.  Shes a biggie.

Now, im truly dumbstruck how in this country, we seem to know so much about everything, yet we dont treat our bodies right.   Everything is a goddamn excuse.   Genetics this, thyroid that.

MotherFUCKthat.   I cant stand it.  When did people start using mediocrity as a standard of living?   Have you?

It is attainable.   We can have anything in this life we want.  I believe that.  I really do.  You have to sacrifice in order to attain it.

Well, with facebook getting to be too damn rediculous:

Figured I might make this a soundboard.   You will listen to the ramblings of a semi born again hard 24 year old un-self-realizing man who decided to be different.  Not different as in stand out from the crowd, but in the sense that what I was doing before wasnt working.  Maybe you can be motivated to change too.